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Free Slurpies at 7/11 (:


^^that’s how I dress :o

so that basically means you dress like a god sweet jesus guys who dress like that come to my school please?

Anonymous said: that's great. we've missed you!

awwh, well thank you so much!

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Black Bow Chevron Top

Anonymous said: where have you been at?

I just got off tumblr for a while because I needed a healthy state of mind, I was always looking at the pretty girls on here. Setting my self esteem lower, eventually I forgot how to log back in. Started focusing on school more, and started going to therapy more frequently. And I felt like getting back on here to talk to some old friends. Nothing new or special though. :)

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who even comes up with emojis do people sit around a conference table and just throw out ideas like “you know what we need? a suspicious-looking moon”

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